Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Macy's/ Bridal Inspirations

Last year through Thanksgiving I worked in the Macy's Brooklyn studios on a series of images planned for a Spring release, to tie in with the Bridal side of their website. 

The images were driven by a desire to have bright and cheery imagery that had a quirky edge. Most brides in this day and age are in their 30's so to present a youthful energy to the images was important especially considering the product is quite serious. Lot 's of pot's and pans, glassware, frames and electrical goods such as vacuum cleaners and ironing products. 

As the project evolved, the vision expanded to include fun and playful paper elements so we had fun incorporating some of these. On a project this large, It took a few Stylists and the team of Macy's Photographer's to produce these images, There are over 60 images, These are some of the ones I worked on personally. I hope you like. 

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