Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Colorways/ Paint the town red!

I continue my colorways series with that ever so sexy color red, sin, guilt, pain, passion, blood and anger, It just is such a guttural color, perhaps the most relevant to the human races as our bodies have it running through every vein. Red seems to be the color of life in many ways, It can be a warning!, It can grab your attention, It's little wonder most large companies use red as their main color, McDonald's, Macy's, Virgin, Colgate, KFC, Nestle and Lego to name a few!

I personally use hits of red in my own personal decorating, A little goes a long way for me, however in my last apartment I did have a movable wall painted in bright red that surprisingly I enjoyed living with, In styling, I use it also to add life or drama.

As of late (At least this week) It's red that I have been photographing, My trip during the week to MoMA had me gravitating to red anything, I realized in the design section, that many iconic designs have been produced in red, particularly in the 60's and 70's, from sexy sports cars to alarm clocks. In the amazing Picasso exhibition that is running currently, A beautiful series of pages from a collaborative project with Pierre Reverdy, using his work Le Chants des morts (The song of the dead) are framed from a book published in 1948 are predominantly red. Some billboards and artwork plastered on a wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn seem to marry different pieces slapped over each other, I always love this randomness, to me the best art is seen on the streets!

A piece of ceramic that I love is the fish series by Swedish Pottery company "Gustavsberg" attributed to Britt-Louise Sundell on a design site, unfortunately SOLD!

Red is a mood enhancer, but what color isn't really?, Red is loud, It's unashamed and it's always gonna pack a punch!

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