Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life's Sweet with Amy Atlas!

In the latest May issue of Better Homes & Gardens, My assistant Kimberley Steward and I were called in to create a candy wonderland inspired by the very talented Amy Atlas, recreating a set that included one of her signature dessert tables used in many of her designed events.

Amy Atlas’ unique dessert tables have made her a sought-after event planner in NYC. Amy's story is inspirational, After several years of working on political campaigns and practicing law, Amy decided to return to her creative passion for entertaining and party planning.

The set was incredibly fun to pull together as you can imagine, Mountains of cupcakes and candy, that we sourced with suppliers that Amy likes to use. My favorite was the big over sized balloons which you only see a peak of in the final shots, but we had a half a photo studio filled with them it felt! Photographer, Francois at the end of the shoot, had particular fun jumping into the pile, let's just say a few went to balloon heaven! : )

We wanted to give the sense that Amy was in the process of preparation so we found a lovely vintage ladder which did not appear in the end either, but it's our job to create the environment, It does not mean all our props become stars!

See some of the behind shots here, plus a shot from Amy's website, See more amazing examples of her work by checking out Amy's website and blog at

The story was shot by Francois Dischinger.

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