Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Event Planner/ David Stark

It's thanks to Jeanne my assistant that I came across David Starks website, www.davidstarkdesign.com, Such a cute design in itself, you should really check it out! On top of that David has just released a book "David Stark Design", I was lucky enough to go to the launch at West Elm on Columbus Circle in NYC, Thanks again Jeanne! It was a popular function and through the sea of people eating pea green appetizers and sipping green capsicum infused cocktails, One could see a paper house looming in the distance, On closer inspection one could see with the mass of paper flowers at it's windows that it was in fact a pop up shop, selling paper flowers, paper tools, paper watering cans and paper bird houses amongst many things. An enchanted world made of paper, just like in a children's story book but with a sophisticated edge.

Always one its seems to dabble in humor, David has waved his design wand over many potentially dull functions, making them sing with promise and delivering the message that his clients are serious about their clients having a seriously good time! With not so dull clients to boast of, David has designed events for companies such as Anna Sui, MoMA, New York Magazine, Benjamin Moore Paints, Nicole Miller, Shabby Chic, Target and Saks to name a few.

It is really great to see a fellow Designer really pushing the limits and allowing creativity and corporations to fuse together in environments that are truly inspirational.

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