Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Bridal Time at Macy's

Every now and again I get to style a bridal influenced shoot, In this case it was for Macy's for a mini catalogue that gets inserted into bridal magazines such as "The Knot" and "Martha Stewart Weddings". The catalogue was showcasing product available at Macy's for bridal registries and we shot it in their Brooklyn Studio that is housed above their store in Downtown Brooklyn.

The brief for the shoot was to use a palette of white on white, old meets new, so I set forth in search of vintage pieces, in particular old signage and a focus on typography. For an advertising/ catalogue shoot, the brief was quite open and creative which is a dream come true for usually these jobs can be over scrutinized by a horde of people to please. When the brief is open for the stylist then there is an energy captured that feels fresher and more alive!

I like to do catalogue work where you can push the brand but still keep within it's confines, branding is something that I take seriously, The communication of that brand needs to be clear and obvious but also inspire and attract new customers as well as keep older ones, It is a challenge at times.

The last image shows you some of my propping ideas/ concepts. The dice is supposed to represent "taking the gamble", taking that leap into marriage.

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