Thursday, April 26, 2012

Macy's/ Mother's Day Catalog

Hot off the tails of the Macy's images for Bridal, Macy's again booked me to work on the another project that they wanted to continue in the same vein, It was the Mother's Day catalog for 2012. Using similar colors we had devised for Bridal, We created sets and tabletop environments to shoot all the product slated for this book. The products ranged from coffee making machines, kitchen appliances, suitcases, vacuum cleaners and again ironing appliances. 

We shot this book over a period of week and a half, The book was photographed by a number of Macy's photographers in their studios in Brooklyn, NYC. I certainly was kept busy running from studio to studio working with about 5/6 Photographers at a time. My wonderful Assistant Molly Hartman kept me and her going with a continual stream of lattes and chocolate. Thanks Molly! : )

The catalog has just come out and can be seen online as well as the printed version. 

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