Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Housekeeping/ Roasting

I can't tell you the amount of "Roasting" stories I have had to do in my time in the U.S in particular, Next to "Grilling" It's a popular subject matter for food shoots, for obvious reasons. I know myself, I like to roast, there is nothing better than a roast on a Sunday night, It reminds me almost of a bygone era, at least for me, living in New York, It's probably going to be more like home delivered Chinese and a Beer, but nothing beats the smell of something roasting in the oven though I am sure you would all agree.

For this shoot I had to make sure I found the right roasting pan especially for the opener, For this particular roasting story for "Good Housekeeping" it was important to get the right type of pan. The idea was that everything in the story could be roasted on the one pan and you did not have to go out and buy a whole lots of new things to do it. Of course on the shoot we had new pans, old pans, square pans, rectangle pans, think lots of pans! The one chosen I think was nice, It has a vintage feel.

The story was shot once again by the talented Con Poulos. This is only a small selection of the story published.

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