Sunday, February 21, 2010

Food Network/ Con Poulos

Every month in Food Network magazine they have a regular feature called "Weekend Cooking" I have styled this section with Photographer Con Poulos a couple of times so far. For the February issue, we shot the images above. The story appears on spreads but have different themes. This months themes were "Comfort Food", "Chophouse", "Dressed up Salmon" and "Mexican Feast" Of course they are all very different so it's important that they all have a different flavor but run together as a complete section. Linking the colors is important and while it maybe subtle, special attention is given to doing it in a way that does not look cheesy but aspirational.

We shoot this story over 2 days. What a lot of people don't realize is that it takes a lot longer to shoot food than what you may think. The art of the "Food Stylist" is one I highly respect, what may look great served up at your dinner party at home I hate to say may look like a "dogs breakfast" under the camera. The camera never lies so they say and with food it is so true, every slosh, even misshapen potato shows, there is no room for slapping down the dish and see how it goes! A good Food Stylist is a sculptor with food, they understand how food will translate under the camera, they know how to choose just the right piece of meat, just the right placement of garnish and just the right look on the rim of a drunken beer, every detail is taken into consideration.

On this shoot the Food Stylist was the very talented Jamie Kimm,, check out his work on his website. Jamie was Photographer Annie Leibovitz's personal chef for 3 years and has recently authored his first book with another great Food Stylist Alison Attenborough called "Cooking for Friends"

Hope you enjoy the shots!

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