Saturday, February 20, 2010

Murals.. not in a Museum, It's out there!

Sometimes I just feel like writing a bit of a random post, All this serious work stuff can be a bit mind bending. While I don't necessarily think the art of murals are frivolous, I do like there unexpected nature of turning up in all sorts of places, often with a light heart and humor. I am lucky in New York to have these spontaneous moments happen at many corners. In playgrounds, On the side of shops and even on garage doors.

Garage doors seem to be a running theme in this post, I love the warped looking Marilyn's on a garage door on the drive out of Province town, Massachusetts, every summer they always make me smile, In Montreal a naive, innocent landscape of a tree and rolling hills brightens up a boring alleyway, In Minneapolis, a whole side of a building is painted in diagonal stripes looks strangely 1980's.

What has this to do with Styling, I am not sure, although I do know I have had to paint many a set in the same fashion. I am always handy with my camera and I am always finding moments of inspiration, here are some I would like to share.

Here's a big hand to those people dangling off ladders, cranes or scaffolding creating often huge pieces of art, some stay a long time and others disappear almost overnight, that is why I like to record them because you never know when someone with little imagination decides its time to homogenise the cityscape once again with their beige mentality!

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