Monday, November 18, 2013

Studio Marcus Hay/ Pinterest Boards/ Wood

Left: Tom Bendell hand carved flatware, Found at Mrs Easton, An amazing blog to check out
Right: Relaxo Ranch by Architects Wolveridge Architects

Left: Door by Architect Peter Zumthor, Right: Stacks of wood: Source Unknown

Left: Photography: Seth Smoot, Joshua Vogel's workshop, Right: Iconic wooden spoons: Source Unknown

Left: Photography: Carl Kleiner for Discipline, Toys designed by Lars Beller
Right: Image from the wonderful Online Shop/ Blog Herriot Grace

Left: Wooden Box by Paolo De Toro, Right: Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chairs by Arne Jacobsen

Left: Image from the wonderful Online Shop/ Blog Herriot Grace, Right: Eames Plywood Sculpture

Left: M3 Chair by Thomas Feichtner, Right: Pile of Wood, Source Unknown

Left: Hakone Open Air Museum in Japan, Right: Bed by Mieke Meijer

Left: Image from the wonderful Online Shop/ Blog Herriot Grace
Right: Very Collectable Pepper Grinders by Danish Designer Jens Quistgaard

Left: Ty Pren/ Feilden Fowles House, Right: Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Company

Wood is just the most beautiful material, It goes without saying. At Studio Marcus Hay we have a bit of an obsession with the use of wood in our photo shoots and our Interior projects, What Stylist or Designer does not love it? Right now while we are in the middle of Fall, Wood just seems even more appropriate to work with. It's warmth and versatility are so inspiring. 

The great things about Pinterest is gaining access to such wonderful images and coming across the most amazing Designers, Architects and Craftsmen and Woman. I have pictured here examples from my Pinterest Folder/ Wood, For more check out here. Click also all the links that go directly to each of the websites related to that image, For those Source Unknown, I am happy to credit if you get in touch with me, I would love to know more about your images.

Check out our future projects on this blog where the use of wood is very apparent. 

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