Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Studio Marcus the new website

Opening page featuring quick to access go to sections 

Tour the Studio section

Advertising/ Catalog section

Interior projects section

Personal projects section

Instagram section

Exciting news for Studio Marcus Hay is our new website, Launched this week! It is a more expansive and interactive website that features many categories including portfolios on our styling work in the area of advertising/ catalog, editorial and food projects, as well as interior and personal projects that have been produced by the Studio. Other features include links to Instagram, Pinterest and this blog. Look out for new features including our store, currently being stocked and a trend and forecasting section coming soon, Look out for regular changing sections and news on SMH.

Thanks so much to Sally Morris, A SMH regular that helped dive into her website building skills to assist Marcus in creating the new website, we hope you enjoy the new site.   

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