Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shout Out/ Fresh Hues

Photography: Kat Teutsch, Styling: Studio Marcus Hay

Another shout out from Fresh Hues, Check it out Here. Under the Brushstrokes section of the blog is featured the above images by Studio Marcus Hay. This image is part of my New York Stories Color Stories photographed by Kat Teutsch

Fresh Hues is a blog where Founder of Design Seeds, Jessica writes to share her views on color and inspiration. On Design Seeds, Jessica creates daily inspiration for all who love color, She shares mood boards of images she has collated and has sustained a career in color trend and forecasting through her own company. 

For a more extended version of these stories and the actual story behind them, See the following links: 
Citrus Tones: New York Stories/ Citrus Color Trend

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