Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vintage pieces/ Copenhagen, Denmark

Left: Wall plaque from Scholm, Right: Plate from Bornholmsk Keramik, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Salt pig from Royal Copenhagen, Right: Dish by Royal Copenhagen, Photography: Marcus Hay

Right: Vase by Nils Thorsson, Left: Shallow bowl by Nils Thorsson, Both for Royal Copenhagen
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Gold Candleholder, Right: Royal Copenhagen Fajance bottles, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Royal Copenhagen Fajance dish, Right: Annette Fajance Royal Copenhagen pitcher
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Various blue bowls Right: Bowl from Scholm, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Small pots, Handpainted, Right: Bowl from Bornholmsk Keramik, Photography: Marcus Hay

I thought I would share with you some of the pieces I have picked up thus far from Copenhagen at various Flea Markets and Stores, It is an amazing experience to actually see so much on mass and to see Danish people so knowledgeable and excited to buy these pieces, largely from the 1950's to 1980's.

I have always been a big fan of Royal Copenhagen, The styles can be quite varied as many different artists contributed to the brand during this era, while I am quite familiar with some of the silhouettes here, I also managed to pick up some I have never seen, like the matching bottles with stoppers.

I have also fallen in love with many pieces from Bornholmsk Keramik, Some I am still identifying but am having a great time doing so, It's amazing how much you can learn in just one trip.

Thanks to my wonderful hosts Neill Seeto and Damien Miller for showing me around this trip, they are helping me open my eyes even more so to Denmark's hidden treasures. 

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