Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Copenhagen. Denmark/ Summer, June 2013

Left: The Danish flags fly high, Right: In the store, Secher Fine Art & Design, On Bredgade
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: DLM tables at Hay, Right: Street Sign, Walk this way! Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Ceramic pieces at Hay, Right: A room with a view at Hay, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Pillows at Hay, Right: Hay, Photography: Marcus Hay

Both at Hay, AAL92 lounge chair AA003 ottoman, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of name tags at Hay, Right: Muuto at Illums Bolighus, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Merchandise at Illums Bolighus, Right: On the Street, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: On the Street, Right: Houses at Illums Bolighus, Photography: Marcus Hay 

Left: At Hay, J110 chair in red, Bella tables, Right: On the Street in Frederiksberg, Photography: Marcus Hay 

Left: Wishbone chair In Store on Bredgade, Right:Still life at Hay, Photography: Marcus Hay 

Left: Water feature in town, Right: Gym in Hellerup, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Park in Hellerup, Right: Hermes windows in town, Copenhagen, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Beachside at Hellerup, Right: Blue bicycle in town, Copenhagen, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Fishmonger at Frederiksberg, Beachside at Hellerup, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Strawberry Season, Right: Cute signage in Fredriksberg, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Lighting display at Illums, Right: Illums Bolighus windows, Photography: Marcus Hay

I have only been in Copenhagen, Denmark 5 days and I have already fallen in love with it’s natural charm all over again, This is my 3rd time here, such a great city. Of course for someone who loves and works in design industry, It is like visiting the Design Motherland. I often wonder if most Danes who grew up with these surroundings really understand our over-gushiness and ever so slight misty eyes when experiencing first hand it’s naturalness and the quiet intensity of the design spirit that lives here in Denmark.It's amazing how here it's just a way of life integrated so smoothly its seamless.

That spirit seems evident in every step around Copenhagen, Of course most of my personal steps took me into stores I have been looking forward to seeing for a long time. At DWR, One of my client’s, We get to work first hand with wonderful products from Muuto, Hay, Finn Juhl, Arne Jacobsen and Normann Copenhagen to name a few.

In Hellerup where I am staying, You can smell the sea air, birds are tweeting, families are taking dinner on their terraces, kids are laughing, It's like living in a beautiful fairytale, A far cry from my noisy block back in NYC. 

The flagship Hay Store here in Copenhagen is amazing and I always love visiting the space to see all their products I know well in one place. In Illums Department Store, There is the most amazing collection of home wares, As does Illums Bolighus (Not to be confused with each other) Not to mention the great Flea Markets I have visited and the stores, I will post more of my finds at a later date, For now, It's time again to hit the streets. 

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