Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall-ing in Love/ Studio MH on the road

Left: Fallen Apples, Right: Mini Magic, Photography: Marcus Hay
Studio Marcus Hay, Mykl, Marcus and Molly, Photography: Linda Lezius

Left: Love the contrast between the blue and green, Chair in the yard, Right: Leaves turning
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Wood stacked in the shed, Right: Crisp white tousled sheets, Photography: Marcus Hay

Above: Mykl and Marcus surveying apples, Photography: Linda Lezius
Left: Wooden stairs, Right: Flowers from the Garden, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Woodland mushroom, Right: Fallen sign along the road, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Vines around a shed doorway, Right: The morning light with DWR stool, Photography: Marcus Hay  
Left: DWR Danish Chair with lambswool throw, Right: Detail of Wood, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of shed, Right: Details of apples on tree with early morning rain, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: On the road again, Photography: Marcus Hay
Right: Marcus in a Fall kind mood, Photography: Mykl Cummins

Sometimes you can be really lucky to be part of a Photographic team and travel to some really great locations. When you work with Design Within Reach, You always know the locations are going to be extra special. 3 Hours out of Manhattan in Upstate NY, We visited a location for a few days in Hudson/ Rhine beck. Studio Marcus Hay joined the DWR team to create some magic.

Due to keeping the location a surprise when the Catalog comes out in January, 2013, I am not going to show you pics of the house, but in details I can show you that without a doubt, Fall is here and becoming more beautiful every day, The turning of the leaves is something you never quite get the full grasp of when you are in the city, Real Apples on real trees glistening in the morning rain, piles of chopped wood, An old shed that is covered in vines turning a beautiful red color, life seems fresh and so natural. In sweaters and rain boots I trudged 100 times a day back and both from our prop tables set up in the shed to the house but I never got sick of seeing geese flying in the air, leaves raining off trees and the sound of a trickling stream by the house. 

Fall is in the air and for many so inspiring and a favorite time of the year, In the country you would have to be crazy not to want to stop and admire nature at it's finest time of year. 

Thanks to my great team Mykl Cummins, Molly Hartman and "our Linda" Linda Lezius, our Intern from Berlin, Germany who has become a much loved member of our team and took some of the pics here. 

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