Friday, August 24, 2012

School Cool/ Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine

Photography: Cheyenne Ellis
Photography: Cheyenne Ellis

Photography: Cheyenne Ellis

In a very small crowded studio in Manhattan in the middle of a NYC Summer, We gathered to create this kids Fashion shoot for Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine. You can imagine the chaos as numerous kids, parents, staff from the magazine, My team and the Photographers team and a blow up giraffe all fought for as much of the little space available as possible. 

It's all in good fun and that we did have. The kids were amazing on set and really performed. The background behind the shoot is that each scenario was to represent different types of schools that focus on different bents such as an environmental focused school vs a sports orientated school, The clothes and sets were to represent this also. We got to play with oversized props and it's always nice to use bright color in an almost hyper real way.

Photographer Cheyenne Ellis shot the story and did an amazing job with the kids.

Hope you enjoy!  

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