Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Shower for Winni & Mini Winni

Left: Detail of flowers, Right: Detail of straws, coasters and paper napkins
Left: Winni with hat, Right: Balloons
Left: Pom Poms hanging from the ceiling and Right: A detail, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Ink stamp of skull & cross bones onesie on paper napkins, Right: gift bags filled with prizes,
Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: The mantle decorated, Right: Winni's hat pre decorating with ribbon, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Our apartment mascot got dressed for the event, Right: platter with flowers, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Personalised bags of Popcorn, Right: From above, seating area for guests, Photography: Marcus Hay
Droopy sunflowers, Photography: Marcus Hay
The invite and guests enjoying the opening of presents, Photography: Marcus Hay

It was such a pleasure to host a baby shower for our dear friend Winni Lok who is expecting her first baby in October. She lives in the building so we will be super close when the baby comes. With the cutest working name “Mini Winni” ever, I kick started into decorating mode when we suggested hosting it for her. A while back I remember discussing with Winni what colors she would like, I remember she said a definite No to pink so we went with a yellow, white and pale orange as the colors.

I have done many a baby shower shoot but never hosted one, and as always real life is very different to non reality especially with real life guests, After a late change of time and thus many emails later, balloons deflating and popping before the event upon delivery, multiple trips to Wholefoods ..yet again!, because we forgot something else! Guests arrived and all thank fully went to plan. For entertainment we played a measuring of the tummy game and for a second amusement everybody who bought ribbons on their presents attached to a hat we had especially monogrammed with Winni’s name on it with which she posed for pictures. Andrea my Assistant who doubles as a Bar Tender served for us Rose petal cocktails with stripy straws and Peach Bellini’s which were too delicious, with a baby friendly one for Winni for the official toast. 

For flowers we did small bouquets in small silver rain buckets with gift tags attached with ducks and baby shoes and big droopy sunflowers in vases (which we had to wire up as they kept sagging). I brought out of storage my white animal collection of figurines to create a little forest of woodland creatures to help celebrate the event. We had personalized mini bags of popcorn and prizes in gift bags with tags we stamped with a signature baby onesie with skull and cross bones. Balloons in yellow, white and cream and big paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling.

It was such a fun evening and so great to see Winni smiling ear to ear! Can’t wait to meet Mini Winni for real!      

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  1. Looks gorgeous! I love yellow for a baby party - it's so cheerful (and it's the perfect season for sunflowers!) - and avoids the boring pink / blue dilemma. I read somewhere recently that chevrons are a big trend for decorating baby rooms, so those popcorn bags are bang on. I hope everyone had a great time.