Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hyper Color/ Pinch I dreaming?

Left: Marimekko Store, NYC, Right: Stencil Street Art, NYC. Photography: Marcus Hay 

Left: Whirls and Twirls tiled mural by Sol LeWitt at Columbus Circle Subway Station, NYC,
Right: Marc Jacobs Store, The Village, NYC. Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: It's a Small World ride, Disneyland, Right: Colored pins, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Chalk Street Art, NYC, Right: It's a Small World ride, Disneyland. Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Wall in Chicago, Right: Detail of Drums artwork available at CB2, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Mural on The Berlin Wall, Berlin, Right: Paper Flowers by Matthew Sporzynski. Photography: Marcus Hay 

Left: Street Art outside Comme Des Garcons, Chelsea, NYC, Right: Lego Installation in Los Angeles.
Photography: Marcus Hay   

Left: Paper Flowers by Andrea Greco, Right: Potted Flowers in Minneapolis. Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Chagall's America Windows at The Chicago Art Institute, Right: Coral on newspaper. Photography: Marcus Hay  

Left: Store Display at Anthroplogie, Right: Junibacken Children's Museum, Stockholm, Sweden.
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Chicago Airport passageway, Right: Neon Tires. Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Rugs on a shoot, Right: Stripes, Lady Ga Ga, Barneys, NYC. Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Store Display at Jamali Garden, NYC, Right: Storefront in NYC. Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Mural inspired by Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime, Right: Concrete courtyard in Chicago
Photography: Marcus Hay

If you did what I did as a Stylist and did not love color, well that would be a catastrophe! Let’s face it though, who really does not love color on some level? It’s a huge part of most our lives in more ways then one. Sometimes color subconsciously affects us through its subliminal effects in such mediums as advertising or the media, used in purpose to captivate our attention. Sometimes however it can simply be found in the natural world itself, Where color can be intense it almost shocks us, like the intense color of some flowers, for the instance the shocking almost neon effect of a pink peony rose, especially on masse. I call it a “hyper color experience”, and I am not talking about those T-Shirts from the 1990’s, I am talking about when color has such an effect you can be spellbound.

It often happens when you see combinations of color together, for me if I see colors resonating and pulsating in front of me I have to record them, hence these images where the subject drew me suddenly in, I just am so addicted to seeing the way color can capture me so quickly, It’s that hyper real experience like a trip to Disneyland as a kid or being in a Casino where everything just buzzes. When I prop or have all my items out for a shoot, I love seeing the way color’s relate and play off each other, I also use this method when styling covers for magazines, Some of my best selling covers have been when the colors jump off the newsstands, The physiology of color is indeed a fascinating thing.     

Wikipedia says Hyper reality is used in semiotics and postmodern philosophy to describe a hypothetical inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality, especially in technologically advanced post-modern societies. Interacting in a hyper real place gives the subject the impression that one is walking through a fantasy world where everyone is playing along; the whole thing feels like a dream.

When you think of hyper real environments or experiences dizziness is a word you may use to describe it, At least for me hyper color is my drug, Color is the thing in life that makes me feel most alive, It always continues to surprise and delight me, I hope you enjoy these images I created to express how I see the world through my own peony rose colored glasses.   


  1. Wow! You have an amazing eye! I love how you put these photos together. Super cool!

  2. Thanks so much Brad, I am glad you enjoyed them! Hope all is well in SF! Hope to see you soon! Marcus.