Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Apartment Feature/ Marie Claire Australia

March Cover
Photography: Lucas Allen
Photography: Lucas Allen
Photography: Lucas Allen

In the March Issue of Marie Claire Australia, A magazine I would regally contribute to in Australia as a Prop Stylist for Food, They decided to feature my latest Apartment in New York, Yes folks this is the first time this one has been seen! The story is about myself and other ex pats who have set up home here in NYC. Also featured are Brett and Amy Shapiro Morris, who own an online rug company, and Lana Hansen whose Eco fashion brand can be found at

Writer and fellow Stylist Natalie Walton whose wonderful blog Daily Imprint has a wide following approached me to run the story and on a trip to New York from Australia, a very pregnant Natalie took the very brave steps in her condition to produce a series of locally based stories.

The story however was not without it's mishaps, We both have to thank Photographer Lucas Allen for stepping in (On the actual day of the shoot mind you!) The Photographer that was assigned to shoot my portion of the story got held up in Florida that morning, I was due to fly out the next day for Australia with a family crisis so in desperation I called on Lucas to see if he by some slim chance would do it, and he did! Thanks Lucas again! He did a wonderful job.

Natalie's work has appeared in publications such as Elle Decoration UK, Living Etc, Australia's Harper's BAZAAR, House & Garden, Marie Claire, Country Style, Real Living and The Sydney Morning Herald, check out her blog, she has also interviewed me on there before as well as many other people in our industry, It's a great read!

I will attempt to feature more pics, Lucas shot so many that could not find room in the article, My place ran at 3 pages, but we shot enough for 12. I had just moved in so it was at it's beginning stages to be honest, Since these photo's I have repainted and decorated, It's always an evolution!

Also thanks to my dearest Mum, Janet who sent me the magazines via snail mail, not always easy to get when living abroad! Of course The April issue is probably already on the stand in Oz, but better late then never! : )


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