Saturday, March 24, 2012

The most beautiful bowl ever/ Herbert Krenchel

Left: Krenit bowl Right: The Designer Herbert Krenchel

Left: First designed as a salad set with servers,Right: The range of original colors 

Left: In purple, Right: Classic white, These images from Normann Copenhagen

Left: Yellow, Right: Combo of red, white and turquoise, These images from Normann Copenhagen

Left: In combo with other tableware from Marimekko Image from Abode Living, Right: An artful arrangement 

Left: New Reproductions, Image from Abode Living Right: The silhouettes of the bowls

Outlines of the bowls
My lifelong obsession with Enamelware continues, There is just something so appealing with the intensity of color that is achieved through the process of enamel. Enamel has been around for decorative and functional use for centuries. Vitreous enamel is akin to ceramic glaze — it is most commonly the result of fusing powdered glass (or less often a glass paste or spray) to a metal or ceramic substrates. Enamel is bonded to metal in kilns at a high temperatures, somewhere between 1400 and 1640°F to achieve the final result.

The most beautiful of bowl probably ever designed in my opinion is the Krenit bowl designed by Danish designer Herbert Krenchel in 1953.

Wikepedia says: The name Krenit is a combination of the name Krenchel and eternit (a fibre cement which is used for the coating on the bowl’s outside). The bowl has a distinct design with its matt black outside, thin edge and clear colored enamel inside. In 1954, the bowl won a gold medal for its unique design in Triennalen (Milano, Italy). Up until the production stopped in 1966 the bowl had been produced in more than 1 million units.

The salad set was the first to go into production in 1953 The Krenit salad bowl is inspired by the simple form language of the East, With it Krenchel also designed salad servers and the long pointed handles of these reflect the traditional chopsticks. With a simple and clean expression, the Krenit series is a modern classic that lets function and aesthetics play perfectly together.

Herbert Krenchel says: "An article for everyday use must contain several aspects that play together and create the general impression. It is obvious that a salad bowl has its function, but I wanted to create a bowl which was so pretty that it could be placed in the sitting room as well. I am enthusiastic about forms and love materials. The structure of the surface is important because it makes the bowl attractive and inviting, and you feel like touching it"

Although the originals are a highly collectible item, you can still buy these great reproductions at Normann Copenhagen.


  1. You ARE my inspiration for using bold color! Thanks for the eye candy and resource!

  2. Lovely! Huge fan, have a few Normann Copenhagen reissues in my home and on my last trip to Denmark bought several of Torben Ørskov's new melamine inspired range (he was the original manufacturer of Herbert Krenchel's Krenit bowls).

  3. Thanks so much Modern Sybarite! I do love some bold color! Matt, I saw the reissues first in a greta store in Copenhagen called Hay (coincidently) I love Normann Copenhagen, They are a truly inspiring company! Thanks for sharing! Marcus