Sunday, November 21, 2010

On the set of "Here's Lucy", C 1968

When I was a kid, coming home from school could be quite a treat, snacks and T.V reruns, We had a few hours to unwind before homework would start so one of my favorite reruns to watch was “Here’s Lucy” I never really grew up watching any other Lucille Ball’s shows, so for me this is the one that seems to be imprinted on my brain.

A comic genius and lovable redhead, who could forget Lucille Ball, Here’s Lucy is Lucille Ball's third network television sitcom. It ran on CBS from 1968 to 1974. The program's premise changed from The Lucy Show. Ball's character lived in Los Angeles and was named Lucy Carter. In this new incarnation, she had two children named Kim and Craig, played by her real life children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz, Jr. She worked for an employment agency run by her brother-in-law Harry, played by Gale Gordon.

From a Stylist’s point of view I was drawn heavily to the show’s aesthetics of course, as the show started in 1968, there are so many references to that era and for Design it certainly was an influential era. The sets for the show mainly revolved around Lucy’s house, Although you never really saw the outside, other than a small courtyard, It looked like a Hollywood double story bungalow. With interior decorative brick walls and a color scheme that mainly consisted of blue and yellow with hits of pink, It was fun, sunny and a little zany like Lucy’s character. Daisies which were the flower of the 1960’s, influenced by the new hippy generation were scattered in bouquets around the house. American Blenko glass, and Bitossi Italian ceramics, were also popular, as was Murano glass bowls, Floral fabrics were used to cover French reproduction ottomans and scatter pillows. A yellow tufted lounge and a pale blue tufted headboard also featured. Each show the knick knacks would move, The glass Blenko fish would one week be on the mantle, the next week on a sofa table behind the lounge, Bookcases were filled with paper sleeved hardback novels and books. I also loved scenes in the kitchen where yellow pots and Heath Ceramic, mugs would feature.

I have drawn contemporary and actual references to create a gallery of Lucy’s look from this series, I would love to read more about the actual designers behind the show, and I know Lucy was a perfectionist and surrounded herself with very talented people, I am sure she had a lot of say in the look. BTW the clothes are also amazing, a younger Desi Arnaz Jnr and Lucie Arnaz Jnr look especially hip and Lucy in the occasional Pucci print as usual always stole the show.

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