Sunday, November 7, 2010

Berlin/ Bode Museum

ceiling photograph by Martin Sasche
architectual photographs to left by Martin Sasche

architectual photographs by Martin Sasche

Berlin, a city with many contrasts, it's hard in parts, incredibly beautiful in others. A city that was torn apart by war, divided, held hostage and then set free. There is evidence of it everywhere. One can only imagine pre Nazi, what Berlin was like. The architecture was monumental and what is left still is, even in part ruins, Berlin has rebuilt and is still building. With so many museums, shops and parks,it's hard to believe it is only a city of 3.4 million. Berlin as many would know is the capital of Germany and one of it's 16 States. Around one third of the city's territory is composed of forests, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes so even if hard and severe in parts, nature is still a big part.

On a recent trip and Thanks to my local friends Neill & Damien who showed us it's many incredible sights, On Berlin's "Museum Island" sits Bode Museum, The museum was originally designed by architect Ernst von Ihne and completed in 1904, Closed for repairs since 1997, the museum was reopened on October 18, 2006, It is now the current home for a collection of sculptures, Byzantine art, coins and medals. It is in this remodelling that I most intrigued, Of course the structure and the design of the building is amazing anyhow but with a new palette and approach, the Bode Museum has this clash of old meets new. The majestic entrance hall is just amazing with sweeping staircases and a huge domed ceiling which is dazzling but inside the museum itself, endless displays of sculpture is set against the most amazing color palette of cleverly chose hues of pale sky blue, kelly green, red, neon and pale musky pink. To some this may seem garish but for me, a color freak, It brought these sculptures into a whole new light, Their silhouettes enhanced by their surrounding colors. The cu ration and design is so thought out with a very graphic eye in mind, rows of columns, segments of broken sculpture placed graphically on the wall and in display cases. In some rooms the wooden ceiling is exposed bare and is just breathtaking.

I have to say I went crazy with photos, Here is a sample of how I saw the museum through my eye. As a Stylist I was really inspired by the purity of the sculpture on display and the clever and daring use of color, The Bode Museum is a must see! I applaud the design team behind this remodelling.

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