Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage find/ Bitossi Cat

With a recent work trip to Chicago, In one of the antique malls while prepping for a shoot, I discovered a piece quite cheaply. I knew that it was probably part of the Bitossi ceramics range, of which I have a few pieces, It is a figurine of a cat, Although I have seen many cats like it, It is a silhouette I have not come across before. It’s a great piece and it now sits proudly with my other blue ceramic birds, a happy cat indeed!

Bitossi (now also known as Flavia) is an Italian ceramics company that has been producing ceramics since the 1920’s, It is still manufacturing today and available through their website.

Many of us would recognize the distinctive look of Bitossi largely with it “Rimini Blu” range in particular (Blue in color) that many of us grew up with by Aldo Londi, It has a very distinct 1960’s/ 70’s look, Often a little rough with a raw quality, their pieces have a very hand made feel. Guido Bitossi founded “Manifattura Cavaliere Bitossi e Figlia” (Manufacturer Sir Bitossi and Sons) in 1921 in Montelupo Fiorentino, an area of Florence. I have not been to the factory, but definitely plan to on my next trip.

Many famous artists have collaborated with Bitossi, A favorite of mine, Piero Fornasetti (Check out another post of his work on this site) Ettore Sottsass, known largely for helping to set up the “Memphis” movement of the 1980’s and Karim Rashid amongst others.

Thanks to Michele at Elephant Props for allowing me to photograph some of her range, a fellow Bitossi admirer.

In these shots you can see a variety of shots including a George Nelson Side Drink Meridian Tables from the 1950’s, pieces as mentioned from Elephant and pieces from the website directly.

You can check out Bitossi’s website at, It is a great site with lots of images or The current catalog for "Bitossi By Flavia" is available at


  1. I do love Bitossi. I have been on the lookout for a vintage Bitossi lampbase lately.

  2. approx how much would a blue glazed bitossi "squated kitty" (elongated)
    sell for?

  3. Would you be willing to sell that cat? I've been looking for one FOREVER!