Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seventeen Magazine/ Back to School

Some people may look at my blog and wonder what is going on? A couple of posts ago, it was all about pink, then a fashion story and now a dorm room makeover! Well let's put it this way, when you are a Freelance Stylist you have to let your mind go everywhere, even a dorm room. This is a new concept for me having never lived in a dorm (In Australia we don't really have them) but I had seen the movie "Legally Blonde", right?!.. so I had some idea!

Wikepedia says "Seventeen is an American magazine for teenagers. It was first published in 1944, It is still in the forefront of newsstand popularity among growing competition. This magazine is mostly for young girls and women from the ages of 12-19, Seventeen Magazine is a proud sponsor of America’s Next Top Model. The winners of America's Next Top Model from cycles 7 through 14 have each graced a cover of Seventeen magazine"

When Seventeen Magazine called, I had to jump into the mind of a teenage girl, This is not as easy as one may think!. I had to "think pink" (also aqua, orange and lime), It was a Seventeen product, a twin comforter sold at JC Penny that was the grounding item for all props, so the colors and feel revolved around that item. The item felt a little "Boho Indian" so I worked with the Editors to amp up that feel while still keeping in mind price point and not pushing it too far into a unobtainable place for most teenage girls, we had to "keep it real" The challenge also was we had to shoot it in an actual dorm room on the Upper West Side in Manhattan and I really did have to make this drab room over using the existing furniture. From the behind the scenes details you can see closer up aspects of the room, We liked the idea of postcards and pictures on the wall, An eclectic mix of pillows on the bed, a I-pod dock in a fun color, a pair of casual shoes on the floor. You can also see from the sketches how closely we actually stuck to them , although some additional ideas did not make it in.

The model bought her own soundtrack for the shoot, it was blasting on the actual I-Pod, a mixture of Country, Dance, R&B and Rhianna, quite fitting since Rhianna graces the cover! Her taste in music was very eclectic in itself, It makes me realize how really at that age, what you like and dislike is still evolving, it jumps all over the place, to get a teenagers attention there is a recipe but you also have to inspire them, hopefully this story did!

This story was shot by Photographer Karl Jungel.

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