Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hardly "Bob the Builder"!

In the August issue of Better Homes & Gardens, my assistant Jeanne Lurvey and I were called upon to create a set for the magazines Style section, I do this for them every month. The section uses real women, professionals or mom's that are making a difference. This month we were given the opportunity to work with Kate Frick, co founder of Brubacher Building Workshop, a contract design firm based in Lawrence, Kansas. Kate's background is in fine art and architecture, her partner and boyfriend Jesse Brubacher is in construction, They work as designers and builders rolled into one, both taking on the designing and construction together. Check out there work on www.brubacherbuilding.com.

Kate can get down and dirty on a construction site so the juxtaposition of her dressed in feminine clothes to a representation of her environment was an interesting one. I used a finish on the wall that was evocative of finishes she does in her own work. Using a rough wooden floor and building elements such as vintage tools and tool boxes, hard hats, we created a "workshop feel" that would fit in with the theme. You can also see my initial sketches for the set, something that I do for every set designed.

The behind the scenes shots here show the scope of the set, It is not a huge set by any means but it can be surprising how much goes into even creating one set, often for one image. Here are also some details of that set that may have been lost in the final outcome.

The story was shot by the very talented Fashion Photographer, Perry Hagopian, www.perryhagopian.com.

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