Friday, July 30, 2010

Apartment Feature/ Real Living Magazine

Having moved to my new apartment somewhat recently, My friend and brilliant Photographer Hallie Burton (who shot my last apartment for "Inside Out" Magazine a few years ago) and I decided to shoot my current one, It's always amazing how a new space breathes new life to the things you own. When I moved I put a lot of "work props" into storage so this place although much smaller was not by nature as packed with things as my last one.

Now I would never claim to be a minimalist, I like a clean feel, but I do love stuff, I would not be in this profession otherwise, right!? When I move in, I always pretty much have the place set up within a week, I will stay up till 3 am if I need to, to get it done. A new space does excite me as it is a fresh canvas in which to start my exploration of how to piece everything together, some people do crosswords, my puzzles are more 3-D! : )

We shot the story and it was picked up by "Real Living Magazine" An Australian publication edited by Deborah Bibby, who has supported Hallie's and my collaborations for some time, Thanks Deb and the team! The layout is really fun and I love the illustration that helps describe the space, Check out Deb's blog on, It's Style Director, Jason Grant also has a great one at and of course Natalie Walton, The magazine's Deputy Editor has, on which has and interview with yours truly! Check them out!

Hope you like the story, Now I just have to move or do a re-furb to guarantee the next, It will happen!


  1. Hi Marcus,
    it is Simone here from Hecker Phelan & Guthrie. I was hoping to ask you a question about your apartment. If you would be so kind, please email me at with your preferred email address.
    Best, Simone

  2. hello marcus!

    I am so thrilled to find your blog! Why? Because I am the artist who did the illustration of your home for real living.

    Can I just say that I happily stared at those photos of your home for hours! haha I hope that doesn't sound creepy but I just LOVE your home. Oh my, you have inspired me oh so much. I only dream to have a place half as awesome as your fantastic apartment.

    Thank you! Hope all is well :)
    Renee x

  3. Thanks so much Renee, I was only just staring at the illo the other day thinking what a great job you did of capturing it!, It was almost surreal how accurate it was and I love the linework, you are super talented! Thx for getting in touch with me through my blog! Best Regards, Marcus : )

  4. Hey Marcus!

    Your apartment looks simply elegant! I'm very jealous! I don't have the hands in designing like my sister. She did a very nice interior design with her NYC vacation apartments. I wish I could make her redone my apartment but she is very far from me. I envy her short term furnished apartments (NYC). That's why I look for designs online that could help me organize my apartment.

  5. Hi Marcus, what beautiful things you have! I am in Australia and am obsessing over the image in Australian Real Living - mostly with the blue bird/pigeon in the dining area. I love the shape of it and curve of it's tail - have been trawling the internet for hours looking for something similar - any tips?