Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's for desert?

I have now another batch of desert images, just baked (well some baked!) Food and Wine commissioned me again to style there last page called "Last Bite" We usually shoot 4 in one go, but this time, one was dropped for content reasons. Con Poulos,, shot the first 3 with Food Stylist Anne Disrude and myself, We decided with this series to largely use wallpapered backgrounds, they are out of focus on purpose but add a feeling and texture to the background, It is a challenge to make popcorn look luxe but we did by recreating a night club/ bar feel. The Pannacotta with pineapple was fun because we could go a little "cheesy", almost like a 70's resort in Hawaii, At least that's my reference!

The last image was swapped out, because the latest issue of Food and Wine was the travel issue, This was shot by Photographer Stephanie Foley,, Food Styled by Heidi Johannsen, This image was the most delicious "Sticky Oat and Pine Nut Bars" that actually had pepper in them to give them some kick when eating them, Needless to say I tried a few on the day! We used vintage maps and colored twine to evoke the feeling one might wrap and take them on your travels.

These images are from the last 4 issues, Hope you enjoy this batch, stay tuned for the next "Last Bite" installment in the coming months.

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