Monday, October 25, 2010

Target, Fall In Store Merchandising

It's only when I come to the Mid West that I ever see my work I do for Target and that's because in Manhattan we don't have one.... yet! : ) Sure a new Target has opened in Harlem, but when you live in a neighbourhood in New York, if you are actually even there, you don' really venture that far. Without sounding melodramatic, In New York you don't get much spare time and if you get any, you can find yourself either hibernating (or sleeping) at any minute opportunity. At least my life in a Stylist in NYC is just that, I am afraid it's mostly all work, no play but I won't complain, at least I love what I do!

Currently on a Target job in Minneapolis and sourcing for that job in store I stumbled in the pillow/cushion aisle some ISM's (In Store Merchandising) some work I did for them earlier this year in May. It was for Fall, hence now. It's always so great to see it in the light it was intended for and who anyway doesn't love shopping in Target, especially as a Manhattan-ite when starved for one! 

At first I thought I was going to have to excuse myself for the bad photography, that signage is up high and balancing on one foot, camera high in the sky, I tried to capture this series quite unsuccessfully but later on after checking out the very talented Photographer Jonny Miller's website / I discovered the images with much for clarity, Hope you enjoy!

Fall/ Autumn is always such a great time in the States, the colors in this series are largely inspired by the season, but for now it's not about Fall anymore, as a Stylist you are always living 2 seasons ahead, Right now it's all about shooting Spring and while there maybe not a lot of time to smell the roses, there is certainly a Spring fever in the air! Summer is just around the corner. 

Thanks also to Venina Tandela, for such great Art Direction.


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  2. Looks great Marcus, now if only there was a Target in Berlin ;-) N x.

  3. Thanks Samual, I will take this on board! Best, M.

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