Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Storage

So awhile back I promised you all that I would show the results of my new prop cupboard, It's safe to say, really that it's a constant work in progress, One things for sure, It is never going to stay this neat! When you are a Prop Stylist, Props come and go, Things get broken, things get old, things need to be chucked and things need to be included, It never stays the same.

It has been a couple of months now so I apologize for not getting it up sooner! Really though, It was those couple of months that I needed to build metro shelves, sort out a configuration that suits a small space that needs to house a lot of stuff. I also wanted a distinct wrapping area, and a bench to lay out things as you come in the door. My last space was a small long corridor and hard to manage so now at least I can walk around the space and pack in there instead of outside in the actual corridor in the way of other storage dwellers and their carts.

The space is located in a lock up storage unit so it gets a bit gloomy, I installed extra lights and also put in an I Pod dock so at least my assistants and I have something to listen to as we spend many hour a week in there packing, unpacking, packing, and unpacking, It can get a bit repetitive. The bonus with this storage unit is that I get an electrical outlet, My last one bordered on being night time all the time, so a little spark goes a long way in making a difference! I feel like a caveman who just discovered fire.

Things are divided in categories of course, All my tabletop props such as plates, bowls, glasses, cutlery are all in one spot. There is a place for vases, a place for holiday decorations, a place for toys, books, stationary, fabrics, gardening, statuettes, bathroom accessories, shells, birch logs, frames, you name it, It's in there somewhere.

My prop cupboard really acts as a more "basic" resource, If I know I have something, It can save hours looking for that one object. With Styling it's all about trying to fit the impossible timing wise into a small window of time allotted to each job. You really do need to have systems in place and be super organized to make sure if that client wants that polka dotted, not too big, not too small, kind of red, but maybe orange bowl with a contrasting colored interior and matching under plate, you have better got it!

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  1. Holy SMOKES! I love the look of this! How many brilliant things do you have in there. When are you coming back to Australia? Marcus, you are a genius!