Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tile Work it!

What can I say, I like tiles! Part of my job requires me to source tiles backgrounds all the time so I look for inspirations on the streets and on buildings everywhere I travel. Everywhere I go, I make sure I snap tiled walls, they intrigue me. I think largely the appeal comes from a nostalgic place where in my childhood, I remember being surrounded by different tile samples that mother collected for her interior decorating projects. I used to collect them as a child and marvel at their different glazes, colors and shapes. Of course when I travelled to Barcelona later on, I was in tile heaven. Antonio Gaudi 1852- 1926 , the famous architect whose work I consider almost out of this world blew my mind away, especially in his project Casa Batlló, 1905–1907, (which means "House of Bones") where all in the entrance hallway and stairs of this house the most amazing example of tile work I have ever seen.

I have seen many beautiful examples of tiled murals from the 60's and 70's and considered outdated be covered up or destroyed in what developers probably consider "face lifting" an older style buildings, particularly in Sydney, where often there is a lack of appreciation of these artists work. There is one building in Surry Hills that still retains and amazing example of tiled work which I wait in dread to see somebody consider outdated and thus removed. I really hope that with many of these mid century examples of tile work there will be a movement to see them preserved by law.

These examples of tilework come from many different places, Sydney, Australia, Montreal, Paris and New York.

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