Thursday, December 31, 2009

Type spells inspiration

Some of you may not know this, but in a past life I was actually a Graphic Designer, My love of typography is something that never died however and I have to admit I still see it everywhere! I love taking photos of typography applied in all sorts of places, For example it could be street art, it could be a lamp post, perhaps a weathered old shop signage on a side of a building or even a simple traffic sign, I find inspiration in the graphic value of these found, chanced upon opportunities for an image. Often I will use this inspiration to create stories that revolve around the use of typography in Interiors or I will incorporate it as an unexpected element in a still life. We all can relate to the printed word, It's in our everyday lives, you simply can't escape it. Like colors, I believe the forms and shapes and sounds of particular letters bring up different emotions.

It's not a new medium for fascination, famous typographers like Neville Brody and David Carson have been producing amazing commercial work for years. A favorite of mine, New Zealand born artist Rosalie Gascoigne, who lived in Australia most of her life actually used assemblages of road signs, Rosalie was an amazing artist who only started producing work in her 50's, She died in 1999. One of her pieces hangs at MoMA in NYC.

Most of these images where taken around the world, some in New York, London, Italy, Montreal and Minneapolis.

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