Saturday, October 17, 2009

Delias Happy Christmas

How excited was I when I was booked to prop style Delia Smith's new book, To most of my English friends, As they would say, They were "dead impressed", Delia, being what could be best compared to the U.S's Martha or Julia Childs, is an amzing TV presenter and cook that has been impressing folks with her best selling books and shows for many years,

I got to work once again with my very talented friend Creative Director Her website is beautiful btw, you should check it out and to shoot with another friend Petrina Tinslay, One of Australia's and the world's best food photographers, They would probably blush with these words, but I always love working with both, they are super talented and we have a lot of fun working together.

With the book we took a very white on white approach with hits of pale blue and red, I had this idea of a collection of decorations on the inside of the flaps of the book which would be in bold contrast with the rest of the book which is quiet, We wove through the book these decorations and striped ribbon to give it it's uniformity, I got the chance to use some beautiful props, many antique pieces concentrating on English ceramics, It was all shot in a 2 week period.

Lastly but not leastly, Alison Attenborough did the Food Styling, She baked (and styled) up a storm and my favorite was the classic christmas cake which I ate with relish everynight with my cup of Earl Gray Tea.

Here is a selection of the pages of the book, Mainly the opening shots to each chapter, you can drool over the actual food shots in person, check out or

Happy Christmas!


  1. Looks gorgeous I think I will have to get a copy. Nothing like christmas shopping for yourself. XO Danielle

  2. Thanks Danielle! I agree!, Treat yourself, Plus if you like to cook like I do, You will enjoy! Happy Christmas! : ) M.