Saturday, October 17, 2009

Elephant Props in NYC is one of my favourite places to finds props, founded by Michele Michaels 3 years ago, It's a resource that connects in particular with a contemporary aesthetic, Part of a Stylists job is to find props from the marketplace to use in shoots but also a large bulk of props can be found in a variety of prop houses in Manhattan, Often these prop houses will have one off vintage or unique pieces but will also often stock current pieces sourced directly themselves from the marketplace by relevent designers or artists, Michele who has been a Stylist for many years has an amazing eye for quality props that are going to work and fit the bill for a variety of different shoots, particually tabletop, which means shoots for food or lifestyle shoots.

All pieces are set out in a color coding system that enables the stylist to focus on a particualar color scheme for each shoot, for examples all glasses, plates, bowls are all set up with their color value in mind, there are also themes, including kids, bathroom, picnic ware, artwork etc that enable you to focus rather than be confused by a mass of objects, Most of Elephant's props are also clearly set out on her website, For any lover of objects, It is a great resource for inspiration. Patrick Moore, Michele's partner, a former set designer and builder is responsible for many of the handmade objects such as their great collection of custom made cutting boards and surfaces.

Philip Ficks shot all these great new images for Michele's and Patrick's new updated website, A former Art Director, Philip and I used to work together on Real Simple Magazine, has captured the essence of what Elephant is all about, Enjoy!

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