Saturday, October 17, 2009

Home sweet Home

What better place to start then at home, we all know that in NYC, your home is your cocoon, your safe haven away from the often hectic and crazy life outside, I recently moved into the neighbourhood of Chelsea, where I have to say after years of avoiding, I actually embraced, Thanks to encouraging fellow peeps in the industry and fellow Chelsea dwellers, I took the plunge and I never looked back! It also meant I had a new project, a blank empty canvas, heaven to a prop stylist because it means we can "fill it up", To me there is nothing more joyous than coming home and re-arranging on any night!, Pop open a bottle of something, play some music while the ipod dock is still in its place and go for it, but when you have a new place, It's even better, needless to say in the last 3 years I have moved 4 places in Manhattan alone, Landlords beware, Stylist's don't stay long, just kidding, but it does mean reinventing ones home is a bit like Madonna reinventing her look, As a Interior/ Prop Stylist It must be done, after all your home is where many ideas springboard from, Without it, how do you test your skills?, Delve into a mad frenzy of creative energy, It gives me a buzz, Some people sit at home and do the crossword, My puzzle is rearranging furniture and coming up with new schemes in my home, Its way more interactive!, kinda crazy, but for me pure pleasure, Hope you like the results (This time! ; )

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