Saturday, February 23, 2013

Poole Pottery/ TwinTone Range 1940/50's

Left: The stamp found on Poole Pottery. Right: TwinTone platter in Ice Green, Photo's courtesy of Yay Retro
Left: Freeform flower troughs in Lime Yellow and Sea Gull, 1956/57, Right: The colors available in TwinTone
Images courtesy of Rob's Poole Pottery
Left: TwinTone Jam Pots, designed by John Adams, Right: Cucumber Sandwich trays
Left: Lidded Hot Water Jug in Ice Green, Right: Collection of Teapots and pitchers from above
Left: Sky Blue and Dove Gray Salt and Pepper, 1958-81, Right: Teapot from 1960's
Left: Tea set collection in Mist Blue and Dove Gray, Right: Coffee Pot in the same series
Left: A massive collection of TwinTone, Right: Free Form vase in Black and White,
Not strictly TwinTone but in the same genre 
Left: A large collection of Poole Pottery TwinTone available at The Vintage Kitchen Store,
Right: Another beautiful FreeForm Poole Pottery vase in the same genre as TwinTone

My love affair with Poole Pottery continues on this post on Twin Tone, When I first started collecting Poole Pottery in my teens I first started with The Delphis range but quickly side stepped to also collecting the Twin Tone series. I was quickly attracted to the playful but chalky pastel colors. Some of the colors produced were called Red Indian, Seagull, Peach Bloom, Ice Green, Lime Yellow, Dove Gray and Mist Blue. Don't those colors sound yummy!..Right?

Twin Tone is called as such because obviously because the glazes are described as ‘semi-matt’ or ‘vellum’ because of their smooth feel and soft sheen, and they always come in two distinctive colors used together, The interior often being the contrast color to the exterior of the vessel. 

Twin Tone was produced right up until the 1980's, but kept it's largely 1950's feel and silhouette, In the 1960's pattern and sheen was added which reflected the era's obsession with design that was busier in design, I kind of prefer the cool stream lined Twin Tone of the 1950's the best. 

The best site on the web to read and appreciate Poole Pottery is Rob does an amazing job and I love reading his website. 

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