Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Process, A new section of my website

Photographer: Petrina Tinslay
Photography: Christina Holmes
Photography: Anna Williams
Photography: Christina Holmes
Photography: Sang An
Photography: Christina Holmes

Photography: Kate Mathis

Last year when I conceived my website with my designer Christina Holmes, who is also a wonderful Photographer, check out her work, We wanted to include a section called The Process that would give some insight into the background thinking of the way I approach my work. I wanted it look like it was a workbench or my desk from above so you could see in detail all the different elements that it takes to produce each job. Of course it would be impossible to show every job I have ever produced but I chose 3 jobs that reflect different areas of my work, An Interiors/ Decorating story, A Cover and a Beauty/ Still Life story.

It would take a year in the making almost, at first the section was “Under Construction” for many months. It was a final piece in the pie that would complete at least the first stage of the website as a whole. I have plans to keep evolving it and may also include a fresh batch of the process behind some more stories in the future. Christina and I actually shot these series of images on my Living Room floor, my apartment often doubles as a Photo Studio on a budget! :)

The section was designed in a scrolling fashion where the viewer can scan along the desk and see the final result while reading about in points how each job was conceived.

As many of you that work with me know I like to often sketch out my jobs, this could be in the means of loose idea to begin with, but often I will also sketch how I could see it working in a rough layout. Often sketches can be of sets that I will design to build also. I also like to produce mood boards or product sheets that reflect the total package or idea of where I am heading Prop wise for the shoot, choosing colors and paint choices is also a big part of the job, As is fabric choices to custom make some aspects of some jobs.

I hope you all enjoy seeing a glimpse of my work method, I am happy to share and demystify what a Styling Director does. This is my approach and is by no means a model for everybody. Naturally we all have a different approaches and this is what keeps Styling as a whole fresh and new, as it should be!
Thanks also to other Photographers, Sang An, Anna Williams, Kate Mathis and Petrina Tinslay for their contribution to this section also. 

See the actual section at www.marcushay.com

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