Monday, October 3, 2011

Creating My Personal Space/ Welcome to my world 2

Photography: Marcus Hay/ My enamel bowl collection, My beloved Womb chair
Photography: Marcus Hay/ Still life on Danish Cabinet, Oil painting by Ruth Cohen
Photography: Marcus Hay/ Still life on mantel
Photography: Marcus Hay/ My bathroom collection of mirrors
Photography: Marcus Hay/ My Areaware Rollerscates and plates on wall
Photography: Marcus Hay/ My tile collection and small bottle collection
Photography: Marcus Hay/ My Danish bar cart and starbursts

I have spoken many times about how my apartment is a platform for me to experiment with my own personal style. I was lucky enough to be able to move into a larger apartment in June and so all of a sudden I had a larger platform to work from. For me I was delighted, I was definitely feeling the cramp in my old apartment, which would be less than half the size of my new one!

Furthermore I suddenly had a whole extra room, closets and a mantle to style. After many jobs in other states and with the ability to ship new finds back from faraway places, I started to formulate a new look which also meant I had many more new things here to show you.

My old apartments have been featured many times in magazines all around the world, I am always surprised where they turn up, Anywhere from India to Sweden, It seems my space translates to many cultures which is fantastic. Ironically, my place has never been featured in an American magazine, still working on that!

Here in these shots you can see my new baby, my Womb chair which has become my pride and joy, Designed by Eero Saarinen, A request from Florence Knoll Bassett to create "a chair she could curl up in," led to Saarinen's 1948 design of the Womb Chair, I have always wanted one in this color. I also have a new oil painting by Ruth Cohen, picked up at The Garage Flea Markets in Chelsea matched with a Danish cupboard I bought in New Hampshire. New vases include a Dutch vase with a round cutout I picked up in Berlin, A German Pottery vase with stripes and a faux tufted leatheresque vase by Haeger.

On my mantel, I have a new collection including my Lisa Larson piece, the boy with the cat, A Moomin figurine, recently launched by Finnish company Ittala. With another German vase from my recent trip.

My new roller skate satue by Brooklyn based company Areaware sits on my floor and added to my collection of plates on my kitchen wall are many new additions including a new one from Marrimekko and a couple from Sweden I found in Stockholm. I also love my new bar cart stocked with new decanters I picked up in a vintage store in Manhattan. In the bathroom I am building my collection of random objects and vintage mirrors on the wall. I love a repeat of small mirrors.

I also love my new collection of Danish enamel bowls in punchy colors,

Sometimes it scares me how many new things I find to add to my collections, Like bunnies collections seem to grow overnight in my home!...but then I take a step back and realize without these purchases I would not be able to formulate vignettes that will eventually will grace the pages hopefully of further magazines and books, After all as a Stylist it’s my job to inspire others, it’s my duty to collect, at least that’s how I conveniently justify the process! : )


  1. I love all of your new acquisitions Marcus. Am toying with the idea of getting a Hans Wegner Papa chair! And yes it is your duty to keep inspiring us so keep collecting. P.S. I picked up a copy if Ideat in Paris for you so come on over any time to collect, N x.

  2. The new apartment is beautiful Marcus! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Do you know anything about the gold starburst in the very last picture? I'm assuming it is Syroco, right? I have a pair of ones that look just like this but are smaller, about the size of a tea saucer. They are marked Syroco but they are wood with a gold overlay. I've seen NOTHING at all like them anywhere online and I'm normally good at researching things. Just wondering if you had any ideas. Thanks!

    msred5 at gmail dot com

  4. Hi Karen Beth, Yes It is Syroco!, Well spotted, You can also read about my post on Syroco here on my blog. You can try on E-Bay, I see them all the time. Usually it is compressed wood mixed with glue and them as you say overlaid with gold paint. M.