Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Housekeeping/ Slow Cookers

Photography: Anna Williams
Photography: Anna Williams
Photography: Anna Williams
The weather gets a little cooler and all of a sudden people turn to comfort food, slow cooking comfort food. To be honest I never really had heard of a slow cooker before I moved to the USA, but this is definitely not the first time I have shot one of these type of stories since landing on these shores many Fall's ago! 

Now most people would not know that shooting a slow cooker shoot can be a challenge if the slow cooker appliance actually needs to be in the shoot, If you shoot it from above it can resemble a porcelain toilet bowl, not a pretty thought, sorry but it's true! Often we crop into it to avoid it looking that obvious! : ) Luckily for me this time in this shoot for Good Housekeeping we did not need to even show one! 

The Food Styling on this shoot was done by the very talented Maggie Ruggiero who has done amazing work on the late and very missed Gourmet Magazine. Anna Williams, one of my favorite Photographers to work with shot the story. The story as you can see has quite a rustic feel, always a favorite to reflect the season, I used lot's of woods, vintage bowls, flatware and earthy colors.

So maybe it's time to embrace the season..maybe even time to get a slow cooker? (If I can work out how to turn it on?) : ) 

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