Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring into action

Osbourne & Littles Peony from the V&A Botanical Watercolor Collection
Amelie sofa in "Blazing Poppies", Sethunya sheet set, Part of Anthropolgies current range
Chelsea's Highline, Street Art outside Comme De Garcon, Prop Table for a Spring inspired story,
Photographs: Marcus Hay
Painted motif, Cafe in Berlin, Roses in bloom, Photographs by Marcus Hay
It's a small World, DisneyLand, Photographs: Marcus Hay
It's a small World, DisneyLand, Peonies and Garden Center Florals, Photographs: Marcus Hay

Magnolias oustide a townhouse in NYC, A Fashion set created by moi, Store Display in Anthropologie,
Photographs: Marcus Hay

In the USA, The first official day happens tomorrow, March 20th. And even though right now I am on a job in New Hampshire where there is still a lot of snow and not much signs of tweeting birds, I remember when I left New York last week you could feel and hear it in the air!  Always love that feeling, it’s like a new dawn or awakening…Until the Spring allergies set in at least! : )

To many people in the industry you would know that Spring was shot last year (Probably around Fall) already! It’s always hard to find all the variety of flowers to prop with at that time of the year but right now you know there is going to be abundance, Ironic that we are shooting Fall now! However I am still inspired by the celebration of the season around, In New York, flowers appear in pots everywhere, The Highline in Chelsea (My backyard) is blooming with new promise.

The main thrill for me is seeing Magnolia or Blossom sprout on trees outside, walking through the streets and being slapped in the face by that burst of pink! In stores such as Anthropologie, www.anthropologie.comthe window displays are amazing and never cease to inspire. Never shy of a floral, they really embrace the season.   

I was recently in L.A where we took my 3 year old goddaughter Jaiya to Disneyland, Her favorite ride (and mine!) is Small World, Designed under the direction of Art Director Mary Blair, 1911-1978, Mary and her team designed it in 1964 for 1964 New York World's Fair UNICEF pavilion as a gift to the children of the world, It was then moved to Disneyland in California in 1966 when the Fair finished. The aesthetic is very 1960’s and the flower motifs seems to dominate the ride, I love that the park has kept this ride which seems to encapsulate that era and it’s love of floral motifs.

Even though personally I probably lean towards a more graphic masculine interior, I really do love working with florals integrated into an Interior in a more contemporary way, Oversized florals are great used in wallpapers or fabrics, but even something as simple as a one variety bunch of amazing flowers will guarantee an automatic response, Us humans are programmed to respond to flowers, I don’t know a person who can’t appreciate their majestic allure. 

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