Monday, January 17, 2011

Colorways/ The Power of Gray

From Nina Holst'samazing blog

Provincetown pastings, Song Dong's exhibition at MoMA, Photographs: Marcus Hay
Manhattan skyscraper, concrete path, Wall art in Monteal, Canada, Photographs: Marcus Hay
A stormy sky on the Met's rooftop, NYC, London Fog, Photographs: Marcus Hay
Marble etching in Pisa, Italy Photograph: Marcus Hay, Jenna Lyons Brooklyn Interior,
Photographer: Matthew Williams

Jenna Lyons Brooklyn Home, Photographer: Matthew Williams
Street Art in NYC, Metal Props Photograph: MarcusHay, Danish Interior

What is it about gray right now that seems so appropriate a choice of this month’s color way? Well at least on this side of the world, In New York we seem to have been covered in a layer of gray all January, The snow which fell white after a few days seems to become a speckled shade of gray that quite often matched the sky.

One could argue that gray is not actually a color at all! Wikipedia says: Gray describes the colors ranging from black to white, These, including white and black, are known as achromatic colors or neutral colors. Many people would argue also that gray is dull, holds no life, I disagree. I think gray is a staple, hard working color that compliments any other shade of any color, It is utilitarian and super slick, but however you see gray, In decorating terms it is very important and it is one of my favorite colors/ shades to work with.

Gray does seem synonymous with Winter somehow, although in Australia where I grew up, Gray could be seen quite differently, reminding me of hot scorching concrete in the summer and the color of the sky when it’s about to burst in crazy but amazing thunderstorm. Talking of weather, when I was in London one winter it was all about the fog and the mist of gray that crept over the heaths, For me in Italy, it’s all about the cool gray marbles used in works of art and plaques on period buildings.

Gray also reminds me of itchy winter weight school woolen trousers but also soft gray knits or the blue/ gray coat of a Burmese cat, The color of cardboard, newsprint and the classic quality of a black & white photograph. As mentioned before concrete and glass used in buildings and paths are my backdrop for living in Manhattan, Gray is the color of nature in this town.

In interiors, At Casa recently ran shots on Jenna Lyons home in Brooklyn, New York which was shot by amazing photographer Matthew Williams, Jenna is the Director at J Crew  and her home really is a sea of very sophisticated grays, In particular the kitchen and bathroom which just feel so streamlined and chic.  

I like to use gray with pops of other color, I recently painted a wall in my apartment a slate gray and could not be more happier, the mood of the apartment instantly changed and it just made everything next to it seem so much more richer, The power of gray, don’t underestimate!  

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