Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good Housekeeping/ One Skillet Meals

First off I have to say where I come from you call a "skillet" a "frying pan", It took me a long time when I came to the States to get used to this. Now it's hard to remember it is the other way around, although sometimes if I am not thinking, my native tongue will slip back in, Not only with skillets but a whole lots of words. When I worked in the corporate world and in serious meetings, it was not seen as amusing to "go global" on your vocabulary, but now I have a more casual existence I just have a laugh about it. 

When "Good Housekeeping" approached me to style a one meal skillet story, I knew that the search had to be on for the right skillet/s for them, My assistants and I probably hired every skillet in the story's colors available in the prop houses of Manhattan. On the shoot we had tables of them. The colors chosen by the magazine were largely red and yellow and a lot of the dishes had an "international" flavor, so I was able to source interesting fabrics to represent different cultures with the use of backgrounds. We were also able to incorporate some "rustic" textures and so I sued a lot of vintage napkins, cutting boards and surfaces with wear and patina. 

"Speedy One Dish Dinners" was shot once again by the talented Con Poulos  

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