Saturday, June 5, 2010

Colorways/ Orange Cool!

Orange is one of those colors, some people embrace it with relish, for others it frightens them, Too much a slap in the face perhaps, orange is not shy. In my world of styling orange is actually used more than you think, It’s one of those colors that sells magazines, When at Real Simple, Orange was a core color, Think of T Mobile Orange, CB2 or Alessi, Orange also sells products! In all honesty though I am not sure that people know really what to do with it with confidence in real life. Personally I love it but I can’t really live with it, same with Lime or Bright Yellow, hits of it are great, but if I had to live with it on mass, it would feel like drowning in a big bottle of Fanta for me.

I really like the combination of orange with other colors, For instance pink and orange conjures up images of an Indian Summer, Everything looks sophisticated with gray, but especially orange! Of course orange can slip into “rust” as well which always looks great, the rusty orange of a Greek urn for instance paired with black can be very chic. In the States orange is probably the official color of Fall, In the months leading up to Fall jobs, for me orange goes into overload mode, like the Holidays/ Christmas, the smell of tinsel can upset my stomach, only because I have to deal with it on mass.

Orange always occurs best in nature, pumpkins, cumquat's, clementines, a rusty sheet of metal, Japanese carp fish, even the orange mould and fungi growing in your bathroom can be alluring, trust me!

In terms of an era, you would have to say the 1970’s spoke orange than most from shaggy rugs to cool hotted up cars, In London’s Brick Lane, I spotted a sporty number, compact, cute and very 70's “New Avengers”, I almost imagined Joanna Lumley’s fish netted leg to come poking out. Orange is racy and it’s loud, embrace but control it, otherwise if in a race it’s likely to overtake the color world like that fungi in your shower!.

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