Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh those swedes!/ Lisa Larson

With my next installment of "Oh those Swedes!", I continue to explore my love of Swedish design with a longtime favorite of mine Lisa Larson who from her home in Sweden she still creates in her later 70's, inspiring ceramics that revolve largely around figures and animals. The Japanese are crazy for her, her whimsical touch and the characterization she develops in her figurines must touch a chord, There is a recent Japanese book published by Pie books on Lisa, It is worth getting if you love ceramics as much as I do! In the book you can even see pictures of her studio and even some candid portraits.

Originally she was encouraged by fellow Swede and ceramic artist Stig Lindberg (another favorite of mine and worthy of a future post in his own right, keep posted!) to develop her craft and for over half a century she has been developing for well known companies such as Gustavsberg, Rosenthal and Goebel. Her work has become incredibly collectible and fetches high prices these days, I am lucky to be the owner of one of her pieces I found in a thrift store many years ago, it still has it's original sticker. I would love to own more though, My single piece is very endearing but as a collection, it would be even more impactual.

I have found it really difficult to get much personal information about Lisa, Her work certainly speaks for itself but perhaps she is a very private person or perhaps not enough is known about her yet? I hope to see more information emerge about her and to see even more great work be produced, It really is one of a kind and although she has had many imitators, the strength of her work shines through.

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