Sunday, May 23, 2010

ICFF 2010/ NYC Furniture Fair

Every year I look forward to that time when ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) is back in town, It's a great way for me to tap into what is happening in the Furniture and Design world under one roof, This year it was the 22nd annual fair. May 15-18 at the Javitz Center. My schedule has been crazy as late so unfortunately for me I could only spend a Sunday afternoon there, I felt rushed as I raced from aisle to aisle like a human sponge trying to absorb as much as I could with my eyes and with brochures in a very short time, I felt guilty I could not spend more than that as it's often great to get the chance to chat with people about the designs and get some insight into the thought process behind some of the pieces.

Regardless of the size and info to absorb, I am not sure if it was just me but the fair seemed a little trimmed down this year or perhaps some exhibitors chose to hold their events off site and I just did not get the invite! : ) I did however enjoy seeing the latest offerings from many familiar suppliers as Arper, Blu Dot, Richard Schultz, Tom Dixon Also new stands by Diesel Living.

For me, here in my pics I took from the show, I was particularly interested in use of color, textures and materials. I really responded to the bright colors that seemed to be resonating with me, In particular the bright pinks. At Diesel Living it looked as if antique rugs had been re dipped in pure color, something that I have also seen at ABC Carpet & Home as late. People seem to be responding latley to including in their personal environments hits of pure color.

At the Czech Collection/10, An amazing luxury light fitting of glass bubbles "Bubbles in Space" by Jitka Kamencova-Skuhrava, At Molo from Canada, where their exhibit received an Editor's Choice award, It was like being under the sea with big paper jellyfish floating above you, Really magical! Paper and paper inspired pleats continued to dominate.

Over sized knits appeared in the way of rugs and floor cushions as did indigo tie dyed fabrics and African motifs. Colored wood was a big feature at Tom Dixon, where new and old silhouettes were embracing the clash of neon meets natural, also with Tom Dixon, Flat Pack was being profiled with cleverly laid out deconstructed pieces displayed on the floor, Council from San Francisco had cleverly supplied their Swarm room dividers, designed by Mike and Maaike that were scattered amongst the fair to provide separate spaces.

I of course have my bags of brochures to sift through, So many great exhibitors that can't be mentioned in one post, stay with me for more related posts in the future.

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