Saturday, May 29, 2010

Apartment Feature/ Stella Magazine

Quite some time ago, Photographer Jonnny Valiant, decided to shoot my old place, I was due to move out and even though I had probably shot it the year before with Hallie Burton, It had changed quite a bit that we felt it could be time to shoot it again and document it before I packed it all up and moved across town. We also gave it a different spin, looking at it from different angles and propping it out differently also. My old place was my prop cupboard before I acquired storage, so there was everything in it! No I can breather a little easier, but only a little bit!

Ian Phillips, Editor at Large for the German edition of Architectural Digest and who also runs an interiors photo agency in Paris called Tripod Agency, www., picked up the story and wrote a great story to accompany the shots. It finally made it into it's first publication, Stella, which is a magazine that comes with The Sunday Telegraph Newspaper on Sunday in the U.K which was very exciting! The ran it over 3 pages, using most of the shots we shot. Stella is a newspaper magazine so please excuse the scans, Even though a great read, the paper and printing quality means the scans came out a little blurry, still it is a great feature and very grateful it appeared.


  1. What a wonderful collection. Thanks for posting. I especially love the mirror wall...have plans for one of those!

  2. so cool! good job.