Monday, December 21, 2009

My Home Office

I hope it does not seem too self indulgent, but what is a blog anyhow, right? I wanted to share a recent project, my new office! With the economy being the way it is, I know I personally can't afford the luxury of a separate office space from home, maybe one day! A home office is not an uncommon thing, let's face it, most people have one of some kind at home, Along with this technological age, we are all taking more work home now anyway, so you need a productive place to do it in business or after hours! I have been asked many times what my home office tips are for many an editorial column, now I find myself putting them to use.

The main challenge is I live in a studio apartment, while I am lucky to have a separate alcove that acts as almost a separate room, The reality is I have to make the best of a small space. I decided against the office in the alcove as it is void of natural light, something I need to get the creative vibe growing. One of my main tips is to create an office in a space where you feel the energy is good and with that includes lots of natural light, I have seen lots of people create clever small offices in an old cupboard but to be honest I could not think of anything worse, cooped up like a chicken in a dark hole.

I also splashed out and painted the wall lining my studio where my office sits in a dusty mauve, Part of me thinks, why dusty mauve?, I am not sure really, only I'm kinda feeling it right now. The point is I wanted to define the space as a separate one to the rest of my apartment, I also wanted to give it some mood, white walls are great in a nice lofty apartment, but somehow I wanted to be free of the basic stark painters white, it was time to "jazz it up" ; )

I created a separate space for the office by using a slightly taller bookshelf that matched the exact length of my desk and sat it front so it acts as a divider and also houses all my reference and design books, I did not want something too tall, otherwise it may feel too barricaded in. In fact I have to admit I tried a taller one first but it just seemed too tall, somehow in a small space low lying furniture always seems to work better.

To create inspiring sounds, I also decided on investing in a good radio, I have always admired the Tivoli Audio series and I have to say, It's worth every cent. I now have a really nice sounding radio that isn't the tinny muffled computer sound I am used to. It has clarity and a depth of sound which is amazing for something so small. Community radio is my fave and now as I sit alone in my office at home but I still feel connected to the rest of the world.

On my desk sits my laptop, a printer underneath on a small bench and a variety of inspiring knick knacks/ props of the moment, I recently worked with an amazing landscape designer Flora Grubb, who opened my eyes to the world of air plants, I now have some sitting in front of me along with my office mascots Kellogg's Tony the Tiger & Son and Doraemon the ear less cat from Japan, who help lighten things up as I trudge through expenses and other sober matters.

I recommend anyone taking their office seriously at home, mine now feels like less of an after thought and with a defined space I feel more focused and re energised.


  1. I love your home office! It seems to reflect your personality and style. The cool and eclectic accessories (what's a home office without fun stuff like Tony the Tiger?) give your home office a warm and inviting look and feel.

    Even when you CAN afford the luxury of a separate office space, I hope you'll continue to work from home. Then you can spend the money you save on rent on a fabulous vacation! Keep up the good (home office) work.

  2. Thanks so much Karen,

    It's a real compliment coming from you!, I am familiar with your books on home offices, so I know that you a expert on such matters!

    I do love working from home, and of course fabulous vacations! ; )

    Thanks again for the kind words.