Sunday, December 20, 2009

Food and Wine January Cover, 2010

I was simply delighted when I opened my mailbox to find my subscription to "Food and Wine" magazine had a big butterscotch sticky bun staring me in the face, It wasn't only the bun that made me excited, It was the fact that it is my first ever "Food & Wine" cover! I styled it.

I think my surprise came mainly because I would have never expected it to be a cover, I had styled this with photographer Con Poulos months and months ago when we shot a whole series of "Last Bite" pages, The desert page that sits on the last page of the magazine. These pages are not shot with a cover in mind, so it's great when a magazine can pick up on a random image within the issue and make it a beautiful cover.

While the propping is minimal, I am glad that my very expensive ABC Carpet & Home glasses made it in, (especially since 2 broke in the bag on the way back to the store and I had to pay for them! :) We wanted to give the pages some New Year sparkle so I used the glasses with gold dots etched into them and a silver runner, The buns are sitting on a Rosenthal platter, This one I don't own, but I do love a Rosenthal!

Hope you are licking your lips, I did try one on the shoot and they are good! Food Stylist Heidi Johannsen knows how the cook a mean sticky bun!

The cover is the Jan. 2010 cover, It's on new stands now!

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