Monday, October 19, 2009

Lot's of grunt!

Oh boy, bring out the painkillers, My back is a mess, today myself and Karin Olsen, (check out, one of my fab assistants and Photographer/ Stylist herself helped me move my prop cupboard from a very small crowded cubbyhole to a much more generous space in NYC where space does not come easy or cheap, One of the perils of being a stylist is that you have to own stuff…like lots of stuff! …. And unless you want to live side by side with a million things, you need somewhere to store them! , “You never know when you may need something” is the general mantra for most Stylists, that space has to be organized, efficient and contain miles and miles of bubble wrap!

Most of the day was spent packing, moving and unpacking, imagine packing and moving your apartment in one day, but then times that by at least twice a week, what most people don’t realize is that when you style a photo shoot, you bring almost (and in some cases) a whole house worth of stuff, while you may not use everything, you have to have options there to make a shot that extra bit special so with the help of an assistant, one must expect to play mover as well as fluffer! ..Who said styling was glamorama, not I, but we still love it!

I have big plans for my new prop cupboard space so stayed tuned for the “after” shots…but don’t expect them too soon! ; )

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