Sunday, July 12, 2015

Inspiring Icons/ Paul McCobb

Left: Tables designed by Paul McCobb for Furnwood Corp, 1950's, Right: Portrait of Paul McCobb C1950's

A collection of credenzas designed by Paul McCobb, 1950's-1960's

A collection of Paul McCobb designs including his famous wooden chair, cabinets, lights and sofa's

Left: Dining chair by Paul McCobb C 1950's, Right: Shelving and High back windsor chair

Left: Advert for Paul McCobb, C 1950's, Right: Modern day setting including a Paul McCobb credenza

Left: Shelving system designed by Paul McCobb, C 1950's in an original photograph.
Right: Various pieces including coffee cups, teapot, tiles and office desk organiser

Left: Pitcher in ceramic, planter and room setting all designed by Paul McCobb,
Right: Another Advert promoting Paul Mc Cobb Designs, C 1950's

Paul McCobb is one of those influential designers that seem to have slipped under the radar, Most people in design circles in the States know and admire his work and he is highly collectible but unlike some of the other design superstars like George Nelson, Florence Knoll and The Eames of that era, Paul McCobb seems to have gained slightly less attention. His work combined the attributes of many of his now better-known peers. Like Bauhaus designers such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer, his furniture had purity of form and line. Like his fellow designer’s of that era, McCobb’s work was efficient and purposeful.

McCobb was born in Medford, Massachusetts, Young and artistic, McCobb studied art, drawing and painting at the Vesper George School of Art in Boston but not completing his course there. McCobb enlisted in the Army in 1942 also in Boston but only served in the military for a year.

McCobb first gained attention in 1948 as a design and decorating consultant for Modernage Furniture in NY. While employed at Modernage, McCobb met B.G Mesberg, his later business partner in the Planner and Directional furniture lines. Other well-known furniture lines designed by McCobb include Predictor by O'Hearn Furniture, The Irwin Group by Calvin Furniture, The Connoisseur Collection by H. Sacks & Sons and The Calvin Group by Calvin Furniture which is our favorite line here at Studio Marcus Hay.

He is also well known for his ceramics line and helped, alongside Russel Wright to introduce high design to the mainstream.

Thanks to the guys at JustL in New Hampshire, We recently purchased a fantastic piece, a maple and leatherette credenza designed by McCobb for the Calvin Group and it now proudly houses our ever growing LP collection, It brought to the room an instant elevated sense of sophistication and unity, We simply love it! Mccobb’s pieces mix in seamlessly with other contemporary furniture, the simple classic lines and great materials and craftsmanship can be admired for years. 

These layouts were designed by Studio Marcus Hay, Inc for the educational purposes of promoting McCobbs work on this blog only, We will happily credit any known photographs. 

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