Saturday, April 12, 2014

Williams Sonoma/ Grilling 2014

Photography: Con Poulos, Styling: Studio Marcus Hay.  

Photography: Con Poulos, Styling: Studio Marcus Hay

Photography: Con Poulos, Styling: Studio Marcus Hay

Left: The view from the property, Right: One of the pavilions on the property, Bolinas, CA
Photography: Studio Marcus Hay

Left: An oil painting portrait on the property, Right: Marcus on the way back on Highway 1
Photography: Left: Studio Marcus Hay, Right: Alison Attenborough 

Right: A beautiful Porsche 356 in the garage at the property, Left: Dried giant sunflowers on the property
Photography: Studio Marcus Hay

In my latest batch of images for Williams Sonoma, We shot a Grilling section for the up and coming Spring/ Summer months. While shooting some images in the studio (These are yet to be seen in a later book) we shot a bulk of what you see here on location in Bolinas, north of San Francisco along the high way 1, The community in Bolinas is known for it's reclusive residents who tear down the road signs so people deliberately can't find their way around (Thanks goodness for GPS! ; ) It's about and hours drive from the city with no traffic and I have to tell you it's one of the most beautiful parts of the world. The coastal road to get there has so many turns that it's not for the weak of stomach.

When we got to this location Studio Marcus Hay could not believe the view from the location, as you can see from our Instagram shots, It was breathtaking. It sure beats working in an office. 

Quick to work though and Marcus who has long gotten used to playing body part and hand model while also styling and directing, Like a true Australian donned on the fierce looking grilling gloves and got to work bbq'ing chicken on the very impressive looking grills for the pictures.     

It was great to work with the team again, Con Poulos who photographs grills like no one else, and Alison Attenborough who whipped those chickens into shape quick smart.  

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